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Power BI Bootcamp

Versie: Microsoft 365
Leervorm: Klassikaal op uw locatie
Duur: 3 dagen (09:00-17:00)
Prijs van deze opleiding (max 12p): € 4125 excl. btw / Voorwaarden voor deze opleiding


The Power BI Bootcamp is oriented to data driven business people. This workshop will learn you how to create stunning Power BI reports with focus on data visualization techniques and enhanced calculations. You will learn to connect to data, create a data model, discover report interactions and mechanisms, understand how to create complex DAX calculations and how you can easily share all this, analyze and discuss the acquired insights with your co-workers.


What you will learn in this Power BI bootcamp?

  • Import data via queries
  • Use queries to transform data into usable, meaningful tables
  • Create a data model with relationships, custom sorting, a date dimension table, etc.
  • Add measures and calculated columns to the model
  • Create a report in a Power BI Desktop environment
  • Use clever tips & tricks to spruce up your reports with bookmarks and tooltips
  • Use the various filter options, such as slicers, visual level filters and page level filters
  • Use report level filters and drill through filters
  • Set up interactions between charts
  • Create a dashboard in a Power BI Service environment
  • Share reports and dashboards with colleagues
  • Use custom visuals in Power BI reports
  • Share reports and dashboards with colleagues via Apps
  • Integrate Power BI into other Office applications


You are data minded, eager to analyze and present your business results and insights in an interactive and visually attractive way.

This session is primarily targeted to people with analysis roles within HR, Finance, Admin, Operations, Sales, Marketing. Anyone who is today actively working with Excel using pivots, graphs and interested to bring that to the next level!

Are you Data Driven? Then this course is highly recommended for you!


No specific knowledge of Power BI required. You must have a recent version of Power BI Desktop installed on your PC.


Agenda Day 1

Power BI positioning

  • What is Power BI?
  • How does this relate to Excel and other Microsoft Office components?

Connect to Data

  • Import data from several data sources
  • Transform data (remove duplicates, delete records, filter, add columns, split columns, etc.)
  • Merge several files from one folder into one table
  • Pros and cons of different connection types: import, direct connection, live connection

Data Modeling

  • Relationships between tables
  • What’s a date table and why do you need one?
  • Set up custom sorting (e.g.: January to December)
  • Set up standard calculations
  • Hide (help) columns of the model
  • Data Categorization

Agenda Day 2

Create Reports

  • Report composition
  • Standard visualizations
  • Properties of visuals (layout, conditional formatting)

Calculations (DAX)

  • What’s the difference between calculated columns and measures?
  • What does ‘context’ stand for?
  • Filter functions
  • Date and time intelligence functions
  • Logical functions
  • Text functions
  • Variables in measures

Agenda Day 3

Enhanced Report functions

  • Filter options (slicers, visual-level filters, page-level filters, report-level filters, drill through filters)
  • Set up interactions between visuals (e.g.: cross-chart highlighting)
  • Drill-down functionality
  • Bookmarks and action buttons
  • Set up custom tooltips
  • Themes

Power BI Service

  • Publish a report in Power BI Service
  • Difference between a report and a dashboard
  • Share a dashboard with others
  • Analyze datasets in Excel
  • Integrate Reports & Dashboards into
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