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We recently sharedthree Outlook tips for managing your mailbox and agenda efficiently. Ready for more? Keep reading…

1: Converting a message into an appointment

You’ve received an invitation to a training session with all the necessary details in the e-mail. How will you remember all that info? Convert the message into an appointment!

How? Click on the message and drag it towards the Calendar icon (bottom left). Click on the message and drag it towards the Calendar icon (bottom left).

2: Ensuring a message is followed up

You’ve received an important message which you don’t have the time to deal with immediately or which doesn’t need to be dealt with immediately. How will you remember it later? Use an indicator!

Click on the grey flag on the right of the message to ensure follow-up today, or click on it with the right mouse button for more follow-up options and specify the reminder. The items marked will appear in Calendar and in Tasks.

3: Close e-mails automatically after answering them

After answering an e-mail, you notice that the original message is still open. How do you close it automatically? Change the option!

Click on File/Options/Mail In the section Replies and forwards, tick the box “Close original message window when replying or forwarding“.

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