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Teams is available in three versions: you can install it on your PC, A second way is to go to log in with your O365 accountto access the Teams web app, And that’s where you’re going to find the Teams web application. The third way is to install the app on your smartphone of tablet.

Are there any differences between the desktop PC version and the online Teams web app?

Luckily, the answer is “few to none”.

Microsoft aims to add all options that are available in desktop applications to their online versions, and they’ve almost reached this goal with Teams.

The only difference for Teams is in meetings. In the online version, you can’t customize your background when using video. The screen sharing options are different as well. In the online web version of Teams, you can only share a PowerPoint or Whiteboard, while the desktop version also lets you share your desktop or window.

Apart from this, the applications look nearly identical, which makes them all the more user-friendly.


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