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We’ve been working from home for more than a year. Corona fatigue has become unavoidable. Do you have any idea how your team is coping? And what about you and your relationship with the team? To get everything on track in your job as a -people- manager, there is now MyAnalytics Insights from Microsoft 365: an ultra time-efficient solution that gives you clear insights into your relationships with team members. The MyAnalytics leadership page helps you monitor productivity, engagement and well-being. This enables you to quickly make the appropriate changes where necessary.

3 advantages of MyAnalytics for managers

Schedule focus time

Maintaining your calendar as a manager is quite a challenge. You’re constantly in meetings, you need to answer important emails, empty slotsin your calendar are filled before you know it, and the clock….? It just keeps on ticking. It’s up to you to make sure everything has been completed by the end of the working day.

Fortunately, with MyAnalytics you’re no longer alone. If there are no meetings in your calendar for at least two hours, MyAnalytics will identify this availability and suggest blocking it for focus time. You’ll now be able to create time for yourself to regain the concentration and efficiency you need to complete your tasks. Chats and calls? Those will also be blocked for a short while.

Tip: respect your focus time, and avoid scheduling those demanding meetings just before or after your focus time!

Stay engaged with your Team

Working online, people soon become isolated from their colleagues. Try leading a team in this situation. Well, it’s not impossible. Schedule regular 1-to-1 meetings with your co-workers. That way you create more of a bond and can continue to mentor and help them build the skills they need.

MyAnalytics Insights gives you a clear overview of your 1-to-1 talks (those lasting at least 30 minutes) held over the last 4 weeks. This tool also lets you know who you need to contact urgently, and automatically searches everyone’s diaries for availability.

Tip: check in regularly with your colleagues. Working online increases separation. So make sure you also take time to talk about non-work related topics. After all, in the office you would undoubtedly do the same.


Invloed van je stille uren

‘Quiet hours’ are the time you spend on things such as your email, chats, meetings and discussions which exceed your normal daily working hours by more than one hour. In short: overtime. Working remotely makes it more difficult to separate work and home life. You probably don’t keep a keen eye on the clock because “you’re home anyway”.

Make sure you maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is not only important for you, but also for your team members. Your quiet hours will have an effect on your team members. A study carried out by Microsoft showed that if you, the manager, stay for an hour longer after working hours, your co-workers will also work 20 minutes longer than they need to. You make them feel as though they should be online too. As a result, co-workers are often less successful in mentally disengaging from work, with all the associated consequences.

Tip: if you do choose to work during quiet hours, make sure you postpone sending emails to team members until normal working hours. That way you won’t disturb them after normal working hours, and you’ll avoid making them feel like workaholics. You can set this up automatically in Outlook Desktop by activating the ‘Insights panel’. Do this from the ‘Home’ – ‘Insights’ button, and enable the option.

Please Note: it is possible that you do not have the ‘Insights add-on’ , in which case, you should contact your IT department.


More info on MyAnalytics? Contact us on or +32 2 264 13 20.

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