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When you create a report in Power BI, you can use different kinds of visuals which are designed to let you analyse data from different perspectives. perspectives. There are also several methods available to distil additional information from your data, such as drill-down, drill-through, and interactivity between visualisations.

What’s in the default tooltips?

When you hover over a value in a visual , a default tooltip will pop up with additional information about the selected element (keep in mind that this information is limited to the data used in the visual). For example: if your chart includes ‘Revenue’ and ‘Province’, these data will be displayed in the tooltip by default.

If you want to add extra information, go to the tooltip field in the visual’s Configuration panel and add the necessary extra fields.

Create your own tooltip with Custom Tooltips

If you want to customise your tooltips even further, you can also make your own.

To do this, you’ll need to add an extra page and configure it as a tooltip type. You can then choose what the tooltip will look like, what size it should be (or what size it shouldn’t exceed), and which elements should be visible.

A typical example is a map visualisation that uses latitude and longitude for geolocation. If you’re using the default tooltip, you’ll see the latitude and longitude elements first, after which you can add information like place names, provinces or countries. The coordinates will still be displayed at the top of the tooltip.

If you create a custom tooltip, you control what information is displayed and how. . As you can see in the example below, you can even add a chart with additional information for every region next to the geographic data and results.

Note: when you create custom tooltips, keep in mind that you shouldn’t make the tooltip too large. You don’t want a string of enormous pop-up windows to flash across the screen when you move the cursor across your report page.

To avoid this, it’s important to thoroughly test the user experience when creating custom tooltips and modify them if necessary.

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