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Word: Long & complex documents

Version: Microsoft 365
1 day
Price incompany training: € 1210 VAT excl. /  Terms for incompany training.


Following a Word course at Xylos? It’s your guarantee for outstanding documents

You can’t make head or tail of it when your documents are longer than a few pages? And if you can, do you find – to your frustration – that Word won’t do what you want it to do? It’s high time for you to see that Word just wants to help. And the path to that realisation is this Word course from Xylos. The functions that Word offers to streamline your documents may be without number, but they’re also far from incomprehensible. Because Xylos will teach you how you can give your documents that shine they so deserve. Enrol now for our Word course ‘Long & Complex Documents’. And produce absolutely outstanding documents. Which ensure all your readers are on the right page.


Why do you need this Word course?

Enrol for this Word course and you’ll surprise yourself with crystal-clear documents. You’ll effortlessly produce long and complex texts, complete with:

  • contents tables and key work registers;
  • styles;
  • logical numbering;
  • sections;
  • foot- and endnotes;
  • headers and footers.

Target Group

Anyone who needs to develop or maintain manuals or extensive work documents.


Participants are expected to have sound prior knowledge of Word.



  • Using, creating, adjusting, managing and deleting styles
  • Automatic numbering of titles
  • Developing, saving and re-using a style set
  • The use of themes in documents

Document structure

  • Navigation panel

Document development

  • Headers and footers, plus page numbers
  • Title pages
  • Automatic contents tables
  • Working with sections
  • Working with graphics (text wrapping, development, position, etc.)
  • Watermarks
  • Index
  • Lists of graphics or illustrations
  • Foot- and endnotes
  • Cross referencing
  • Hyperlinks
  • Creating and adding quick parts
  • Potentially: Columns
  • Potentially: Word hyphenation
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