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Webinar Word mail merge: personalised communication

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 hour
Price for this webinar: on demand


When you talk about mail merges, you probably automatically think of personalizing letters. But nowadays we use mail merging for personalized e-mailings, for example, sending confirmations to speakers or participants of an event. We also use mail merge to create badges or labels for your event, adorned with the logo or a symbol in the theme of your event. In this session you will learn all about the tricks of mail merges, with further useful features in Outlook such as using rules, categories, etc. After this session, you really know how to communicate professionally and without too much effort!


Part 1: A personalized email to your Outlook contacts

  • Managing your contacts
  • Mail merge

Part 2: Personalized labels based on an Excel list

  • Mail merge
  • Choosing labels
  • Adding a background

Part 3: Creating a letter based on the data entered

  • Mail merge fields
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