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Remote training Project: Introduction

Version: Microsoft 365
Learning format: Remote via Teams
Duration: 2 days (09:00-16:00)
Price for this 2-day remote training (max 12p): € 2100 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Do you want complete control over your projects? Take our remote Project training course!

Do you often find yourself at the helm of large and complex projects? No worries, Microsoft Project is the instrument for your project management. Do you want to deliver your project in an organised, calm and professional manner? You’ll want to take our remote Project training course!


Why you need a Project training course

In our Project course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and follow project planning
  • Make simulations
  • Represent project information graphically

Target Group

Anyone who is regularly confronted with the planning, analysis and follow-up of projects. This training is also suitable for users of Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365.


Participants have a basic knowledge of Windows and Office at the very least. Excel skills will be particularly handy.


The starting points of MS Project

  • Programme structure
  • Calculation method


  • Defining base calendars
  • Adjusting existing base calendars
  • Setting up a base calendar as a project calendar
  • Calendar options


  • Making a task list
  • Duration
  • Relationships
  • Summaries and sub-tasks
  • Installing specifications
  • Repeat tasks
  • Using a task calendar
  • Looking at the critical path
  • Fixed task costs


  • Local or shared resources?
  • Resource types
  • Resource costs
  • Resource availability
  • Resource calendars

Resources assigned to tasks

  • Creating assignations
  • Changing assignations
  • Calculating the ‘work’
  • Task types and plans based on amount of work

Over-crowding: Solutions to the problem

  • Different causes, different remedies
  • Manual resolutions
  • Resource re-allocation as performed by MS Project

Keeping Up

  • Saving a base line, determining deviation values
  • Working with real values
  • Viewing project statistics

Working with multiple projects

  • Saving templates
  • Working with sub-projects
  • Linking tasks in different projects with each other


  • Using in-built reports
  • Reports on the basis of records
  • Records, tables, filters and groups
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