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Remote training PowerPoint: Make a professional PowerPoint template

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: Half a day
Price incompany training: € 525 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Does your company have an appealing house style? One that is unique and creates a positive impression? One that makes it clear to your customers that you are different from your competitors? Then it should be included in all your professional documents, including your PowerPoint presentations!

In this remote training session you will learn which elements need to be included in your PowerPoint template, so your colleagues have an excellent start for stunning presentations that match your company’s house style.


Part 1: Analysing the template

  • How does a template work
  • Personalized layouts and colours
  • Footer options

Part 2: Applying a template

  • Using the template as your starting point
  • Copying slides into the template
  • Reset to Template

Part 3: Other template options

  • Notes pages template
  • Importing a template from another file
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