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Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC): Basic

Version: Adobe CC
2 days
Price incompany training € 2420 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Do you regularly need to make small modifications using Photoshop? Or prepare photos for publication on the web?

Then this two-day Adobe Photoshop basics course is definitely for you. You will gain insight into how Photoshop works and you will be introduced to the many options this program offers for editing photos.


After completing this Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course:

  • You will know all about the basic principles of Photoshop
  • You will know how to use the main functionalities without any problems
  • You will be able to prepare images for the web
  • You can build your own simple image composition
  • You will know how to retouch images
  • You will understand the many possibilities Photoshop offers

Target Group

Marketeers, communication professionals, graphic designers and anyone who regularly comes into contact with Photoshop files and has little or no knowledge of the program.


No prior knowledge required.


  • The difference between PostScript and pixels
  • The interface and the most important shortcuts
  • Image/Image size and crop
  • Rotate canvas
  • Placing an image onto a transparent background
  • Creating a simple image composition
  • What is a Photoshop selection?
  • Different ways to make a selection
  • Creating masks
  • Modifying lighting and colour
  • Retouching photos
  • Putting together parts from different images
  • Transformations
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