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Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC): Animations and easy video editing

Duration: 1 day
Price incompany training: € 1100 VAT / Terms for incompany training.


Did you know that people are over 75% more likely to watch a video rather than read an article or a web page? Do you use Photoshop and do you want to know an easy way to create animations and edit existing videos? Then this is the course for you! In this one-day training course, we examine the video-editing features in Photoshop. Although these are relatively limited, it is, however, beneficial for Photoshop users or novices with access to Photoshop, to be able to complete simple operations without the need to install and familiarize themselves with other software. We will also be making our own animations in Photoshop, using the timeline. There are several ways of exporting or adding the timeline to a video. If you combine this course with the ‘Create striking infographics’ course, you will then be able to create animated infographics, enhanced by video images.


After completing this course, you will understand the Photoshop video editing and animation creation options.

Target Group

Everyone who works with videos and animations and wants to know what options Photoshop has to offer in this field.


This is a Photoshop follow-up course, however, newcomers can also join the course (as there is no required knowledge of Photoshop).


  • Editing videos, cutting and adding colour adjustments and text.
  • Exporting the video from Photoshop and converting the video to different formats using MediaEncoder
  • Creating animations using the timeline
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