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Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC): Advanced

Version: Adobe CC
2 days
Price for this incompany training: 2420 € VAT excl.


This Adobe Photoshop training course is a continuation of the ‘Photoshop Basics’ training course. In the basics course the emphasis is on minor retouching aspects and simple operations with photos.

In this module you will be working with the extensive options available for making corrections and you will learn how to build up more complex image compositions. The emphasis is on an efficient and logical use of the many tools and functionalities.


After completing this Adobe Photoshop training course:

  • You will be able to work efficiently with all sorts of correction tools
  • You can use modification layers and transparency without any problems
  • You know how to use masks efficiently and creatively
  • You understand the use of layers in all their forms

Target Group

Marketeers, communication professionals, graphic designers and anyone who regularly works with Photoshop and wants to be able to use it quicker and more efficiently.


A sound basic knowledge as described in the ‘Photoshop Basics’ module or you must have completed the module.


  • Colour corrections with adjustment layers
  • Contrast and lighting techniques
  • Extensive selection of masks
  • The different colour models and their use (CMYK, RGB)
  • Advertisement photography
  • Local colour adjustments using a mask
  • Filters
  • The use of smart objects
  • Using adjustment layers in an image composition
  • Understanding the latest techniques to merge photos seamlessly
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