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Webinar Outlook: Working efficiently with email templates

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 hour
Price: on demand


Outlook email templates: the ultimate solution for sending recurring email content

Are you tired of using the ‘Copy-Paste’ function for repeatedly sending the same email to different people? Or searching through your Sent Items to find the (hopefully) correct email so you can resend it to someone else?

During the session “Working efficiently with email templates” you will learn how Outlook templates can help you to quickly send an email with content you have already created.

By using Quick Parts and forms in Outlook, you will also learn about the little known options of how to quickly send emails. Finally we will take a look at how we can customize the user interface to make working in Outlook as user-friendly as possible.


Basic knowledge of Outlook.


Quick Parts

  • What are Quick Parts?
  • Creating a Quick Part
  • Customizing Quick Parts


  • What are forms?
  • Saving mail as a form

Customizing the user interface

  • Creating a customized ribbon
  • Creating your own group
  • Adding templates
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