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Remote training Outlook: Ultimate productivity with Outlook

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: Half a day
Price incompany training: € 525 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Outlook is so much more than the box that receives your emails. Turn Outlook into a proper tool for organizing your daily tasks. We will be discussing the use of rules, categories, folders, …. and you will be given tips on how to deal with your incoming mails efficiently. Finally, you will be instructed in some important time management principles, which you can apply to your personal mailbox immediately after this session. 1. Following up on projects and tracking payments


After this remote training :

  • You can communicate more efficiently with colleagues, customers, suppliers…
  • You can apply lots of time management principles to your daily practice thanks to Outlook

Target Group

Anyone who works with Outlook.


Be familiar with Windows and the basic principles of Microsoft Office – Outlook.



  • A few basic principles of time management, especially those relating to task management.

An efficient message

  • Tips and tricks when composing a message.

Preparing Outlook elements

  • A few tips and tricks for preparing and managing e-mails and messages, contacts, appointments and tasks.

Let’s talk about the inbox …

  • Looking at the Inbox from a different perspective.

Making Outlook more dynamic

  • Optimally combining the various Outlook components with each other.

When should you read your messages?

  • Time Management with Outlook

A few interesting possibilities

  • Handy topics such as setting rules, the To Do bar, archiving, adjusting the standard Outlook settings.
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