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Remote training: Smart meetings

Duration: 2 hours


Give your meetings a productivity boost with the right insights and tools

Meetings often consume more time and energy than they should. Sometimes, not everyone knows what the goals of the meeting are, or people forget to write down action points. Sometimes it’s not even necessary for everyone to be present physically.

To put it shortly, there’s a smarter, better way to conduct meetings. We’ll give you the necessary insights and tell you which Office tools you need.

This is a conceptual training: we won’t discuss the tools themselves in-depth, but we’ll teach you how to use them to make your meetings more productive.


After this training, you’ll:

  • know which steps to take before, during and after a meeting to organise it efficiently
  • have plenty of tips and tricks to conduct smarter, more productive meetings
  • know how tools such as Outlook, Teams and OneNote can help you manage everything

Target Group

Everyone who often organises meetings and wants to save time.



  • What’s going wrong?

Before the meeting

  • Planning
  • Determining the agenda
  • Selecting participants

During the meeting

  • The BOB model: ‘Beeldvorming, Oordeelvorming, Besluitvorming’ (Setting, Assessment, Decision)

After the meeting

  • Making notes available
  • Follow-up
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