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Remote training: In five steps to digital wellbeing

Duration: 2 hours


Optimal working and living in a digital world

Technology is constantly evolving to make your life easier, which is exactly what it does. Digital tools such as e-mail, smartphone or chat programs help you to accomplish your tasks more quickly and easily. However, there is also a flip-side: you are easily distracted and the balance between work and private life is sometimes lost.

In this awareness-raising training session we show you what situation knowledge workers find themselves in today. What is the consequence of improved technology? What about the plethora of tools available? Do tools still help us or do they just cause us more stress? What effect do the digital stimuli have on our brains?

So, now’s the time to find the right balance! We will show you how to achieve digital well-being in five steps. They’re practical and you can put them to use in your work straight away! The result? Tasks both large and small can be finished off calmly and with less stress. And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?


To make knowledge workers aware of the impact of digital tools on our work and on our lives. We give practical tips on how to handle these tools better, so that they become our allies instead of our enemies.




  • Living and working in a digital world: the benefits and the pitfalls
  • About task-switching and multi-tasking
  • The five steps to digital well-being
  • The right way to handle your digital tools
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