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Remote training OneNote: Taking effective meeting notes with OneNote

Version: Microsoft 365
Learning format: Remote via Teams
Duration: Half a day (09:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00)
Price for this remote training (max 12p): € 525 VAT excl. / Terms for this remote training.


If you are looking for a suitable tool for note taking, structuring and viewing across different ‘devices’ (PC, laptop, tablet), then OneNote offers the perfect solution!

Combined with Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive, you will have all your notes close to hand, no matter where you are: in the office, in a conference room or at home. And last but not least, it is easy to share your notes with your manager or other relevant parties. This remote training course will give you an overview of the many options that OneNote has to offer.


After completing this OneNote course you know how to:

  • create notes and save them in OneNote
  • edit the notes
  • share the notes with others

Target Group

This course is aimed at anyone who takes notes during meetings and wants to organise them better.


Familiar with Windows and Office.


Getting started with OneNote

  • Launching and exploring OneNote
  • Different versions of OneNote
  • Displaying existing notes
  • Saving OneNote data
  • Getting help from OneNote Help and Office Online

Making notes and layout

  • Creating a storage structure for notes
  • Adding notes
  • Layout for notes and checking the spelling
  • Inserting special content

Editing and reorganising notes

  • Moving and copying text
  • Ordering and outlining notes
  • Moving and grouping pages
  • Renaming, moving and deleting pages
  • Renaming, moving and deleting sections

Highlighting data

  • Creating lists with bullet points and numbered lists
  • Using text styles, symbols
  • Adding images and screenprints to notes
  • Using existing page templates
  • Adding and creating tables
  • Adding a file (as a copy or link)

Searching for notes

Sharing notes

  • Sending notes by e-mail
  • Printing notes
  • Sharing notebook

Integration with Office (if there is time)

  • Integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Importing and copying information from other applications
  • Auto-link to documents and web pages



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