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OneNote: The finer details of OneNote (advanced users)

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: Half a day (09:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00)
Price incompany training: € 970 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Get more from OneNote

OneNote is THE tool for you to record and share your notes. You learnt to work with OneNote during the ‘OneNote: paperless note taking’ course, or you may have learnt simply by using it. However, you will become an even greater fan of OneNote after completing this course ‘The finer details of OneNote’. You will be given a number of tips to speed up and organize your notes even more efficiently.


After completing this course, you will be familiar with all the finer details of OneNote, so working efficiently with this fantastic note-taking tool is even more effective for you.

Target Group

Anyone who has completed the beginner’s course or has been using OneNote for some time and wishes to optimize their knowledge.


Fundamental knowledge of OneNote.


  • Setting the scene: the principles of OneNote in a nutshell
  • A quick way to open your notes
  • A quick way to find the last-modified notes (including by author)
  • Working with templates
  • Useful shortcut keys to structure your notes
  • Quick notes
  • Tagging important notes
  • Creating and saving screen clippings in OneNote
  • Recording and saving audio in OneNote
  • Adding a table of contents
  • Adding cross-reference links
  • Showing the note structure
  • Backup and security
  • Office Lens and OneNote (only if you have corporate gsm and Office 365)
  • OneTastic and OneNote (only if you have sufficient permissions to install software)
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