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Remote training Office 365 for managers

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: Half a day
Price incompany training: on demand / Terms for incompany training.


Office 365 saw a considerable boost over the past months, and Teams in particular grew spectacularly. By now, most users know well enough how online meetings work – but Teams is more than just an online meeting space: combined with the other Office 365 tools, it’s the ultimate collaboration platform. When you launch a new way of collaborating, your users need to change their work habits. If you’re a supervisor who wants to have all the necessary tools to make Office a successful collaboration tool in your team, make sure to sign up for this training.

The course will be conducted via Teams by two experts, Office 365 Trainer (part 1) and Change Consultant (part 2), who will tell you more about their practical experience.


Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive: what do you use for which purpose?

How do you handle documents correctly? What do you put where? We’ll help you navigate your way to clarity.

Teams for advanced users

Do you want to motivate your team to do more with Teams? If so, you need to know all the features the tool has to offer.
Do you want to motivate your team to do more with Teams? If so, you need to know all the features the tool has to offer. In this session, we’ll have a look at the finer points of Teams on collaboration and communication. And you will get a lot of useful productivity tips.

Office 365 is change: be prepared

We’ve established that you want to get more out of Office 365 and that collaboration in O365 is a very versatile way of working. But how do you make sure that all team members are on board? As a supervisor, your impact on this is huge. Our Change Consultant gives you helpful tips to simplify the change process.

Measuring is knowing

Microsoft tools such as MyAnalytics, Productivity Score and Workplace Analytics give you insights into the usage of Teams and Outlook within your organisation. They’ll help you decide on the right actions to make Office 365 a true collaboration tool.

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