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Office 365: Get the most out of your internal communication with Yammer, Stream and Forms

Duration: Half a day
Price incompany training: € 880 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Office 365 hinges on collaboration – and what’s the most important key to collaborating efficiently? You guessed it: communication. We don’t just mean notifications, but also questions, feedback, videos and tips & tricks. Microsoft has developed several tools to help you with these types of communication: Yammer, Stream and Forms. During this training, you’ll discover how you can use Yammer, Stream and Forms to boost your company’s internal communication.


After this Office 365 course, you’ll know what’s possible with Yammer, Stream and Forms and you’ll be able to use these tools to communicate within your company.

Target Group

Everyone who wants to communicate efficiently within their organisation.


Basic Office skills. Knowledge about Office 365 is useful, but not required.


Part 1 Yammer

  • What is Yammer?
  • Screen overview
  • Features
  • Exercise

Part 2 Stream

  • What is Stream?
  • Screen overview
  • Features
  • Exercise

Part 3 Forms

  • What is Forms?
  • Screen overview
  • Features
  • Exercise

Part 4 Comprehensive exercise

  • Explanation
  • Step-by-step plan: options for sending and receiving replies + sending a link to the form
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