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Webinar: Groups, SharePoint or Teams: What’s the difference?

Version: Office 365
Duration: 1 hour


When you think of Office 365, terms like ‘collaborating’ and ‘working independently of time or location’ spring to mind. That sounds great, but it’s not always easy to tell the difference between the various applications in the software package. What’s the difference between a Group and a Team? When should you use SharePoint? What do you currently use these applications for? During this webinar, you’ll learn the difference between Groups, SharePoint and Teams, discover the possibilities of these tools and learn which tools you can use for which purposes.


After this webinar, you’ll know what the Groups, SharePoint and Teams apps are used for.

Target Group

Everyone who wants to collaborate with colleagues or external parties easily.


Knowledge about Office 365 is useful, but not required.


Part 1 What is SharePoint?

  • Structure
  • Rights
  • Limitations and possibilities

Part 2 What is an Office 365 Group?

  • Rights
  • What is linked to it?

Part 3 What is Teams?

  • Rights
  • Comparison to Groups
  • Comparison to SharePoint
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