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Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC): Create impressive infographics

Duration: 1 day
Price incompany training: € 1100 VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


A picture paints a thousand words. This is the basic principle of infographics, with marketeers keenly using infographics to send a creative and clear message into the world. In this one-day training course, we begin with a text and use Illustrator to convert it into an infographic. Together, we analyse the information in the text and convert it into a visual language. The final result can be an image, or even a chart with illustrations and icons inserted. If you combine this training course with the ‘Photoshop: Animations and easy video editing’ course, you would also be able to integrate your infographics into a video.


After completing the course, you will know all about infographics and how to create them in Illustrator.

Target Group

Marketing specialists who want to use infographics in their marketing content. Anyone who wants to convey a message in a creative, highly visual way.


This one-day course is part of the Illustrator course series. To be able to follow this course, you need to have completed the Illustrator basic course, or have adequate knowledge of Illustrator.


  • Building an infographic from start to finish in Illustrator: creating icons, merging all elements, adding charts, etc.
  • Use of colour, fonts, style choices in infographics
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