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Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC): Basic

Duration: 2 days
Price incompany training: € 2420 excl. VAT excl. / Terms for incompany training.


Do you regularly need to modify drawings the advertising agency has created? Do you want more understanding of the structure of these Illustrator files? Do you want to know if they have been created efficiently? Then this two-day Adobe Illustrator basics course is definitely for you. You will gain insight into how this successful drawing application works and you will be introduced to the rich palette of drawing tools that allow you to modify logos, diagrams or drawings.


After completing this Adobe Illustrator training course:

  • You will know all about the basic principles of Illustrator
  • You will be aware of the power and potential of Illustrator
  • You will be able to modify existing drawings, created in Illustrator.

Target Group

Marketeers, communication professionals, graphic designers and anyone who regularly comes into contact with Illustrator files and has little or no knowledge of the program.


No prior knowledge required.


  • The difference between PostScript and pixels
  • The interface and the most important shortcuts
  • Document specifications, the different art boards and guide lines.
  • How is a PostScript drawing put together?
  • Working with groups and layers
  • Different selection arrows
  • Selecting, adding and removing shapes
  • Creating and applying colour in the swatches
  • Swatch libraries
  • Different transformations: shift, rotate, scale, mirror and shear
  • Creating and applying a simple pattern
  • Transparency
  • Positioning pixel images and editing them with Live Trace
  • Applying Live Paint and Live Color
  • Working with text
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