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Gain insight into your business with a Power BI consultant

Do you want to be able to make data-driven decisions? And use Power BI to achieve them? Then why not bring on board one of our Microsoft Power BI Consultants.  You can either fully delegate the implementation of your BI project, or request support for your own BI team.

Why choose a Xylos Power BI expert?

Our mission is to inspire people through technology.  All our solutions focus on the Smart Digitals: your employees.  One of the ways in which our consultants come into daily contact with end-users and their needs is through our Power BI training courses.  Our consultants apply this valuable experience during the implementation of the Power BI projects.  And, naturally, the reverse also applies: all knowledge our consultants have acquired in the ‘field’, is used in their Power BI courses to create realistic stratagems.

Exactly how is a Power BI project at Xylos structured?

If you do not yet have sufficient in-house Power BI know-how, then it is advisable to start with a Power BI training course (open training or customized) to give you insight into the various capabilities of Power BI.

If, at a later date, you wish to consult Xylos to help with your own Power BI process, we will be able to go through the following steps with you:

Step 1: Analysis

The collaboration with Xylos starts with an analysis phase, during which the challenges in your organisation are discussed. Together with all stakeholders, we research what the expectations and objectives are and how we can meet them. The consultant then draws up a strategic plan.

Step 2: Data preparation

Our consultant will set up the data link, either alone or in collaboration with the IT department. Links are established to the various internal systems, and to any external data sources. In this phase, the underlying data model is set up.

Step 3: Ensuring the data is consistent

The various data sources are coordinated, so that everyone works with the same data and measurement values. Data validation is such a crucial aspect, that it is important that we allocate the appropriate length of time required for this. Ultimately, this will result in “working with one single version of the truth’’.

Step 4: Preparing the data so it can be used by the end users, by:

Presenting the data in one well-organized dashboard. The dashboard contains data visualizations that reflect your organization’s predefined KPIs. The visualizations are linked to a set of reports that allow you to perform deeper analyses of your data or business.

Xylos always develops custom dashboards. We consult closely with you to ensure these dashboards are developed with your requirements and business needs in mind.

Xylos also provides support and guidance for business teams regarding the use or personalization of the reports & dashboards.

Would you like more information about the Xylos Power BI services (consultancy and courses)? Then please contact us at or call +32 2 264 13 20.