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Webinar Excel: Highlighting important information with conditional formatting in Excel

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 hour
Price: on demand


Imagine you have an Excel workbook with lots of data. To obtain a better understanding of the data, we can use conditional formatting. Thanks to conditional formatting, we can highlight all the information that is important to us (the highest or lowest values, duplicate values, values that are larger or smaller than a certain value). This will provide you with the necessary information to take (often very important) business decisions. It is no coincidence that conditional formatting is one of the major strengths of Excel! You will learn all the details during this session.


Part 1: Introduction to conditional formatting

  • The concept of conditional formatting
  • Simple conditional formatting
  • Managing conditional formatting

Part 2: Complex conditional formatting

  • Calculated conditional formatting
  • Data bars
  • Icons

Part 3: Formulas in conditional formatting

  • References to internal or external cells
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