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Webinar Excel: Filtering and sorting in Excel

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: 1 hour
Price: on demand


Do you need to quickly filter a long list only by data you want to view immediately? In this session you will discover the power of Excel filters! We discuss the best way to filter the different types of data (text, numbers or dates), and what options there are (colour, highest/lowest values, dates that fall within a certain period or custom criteria such as all text containing a specific word, …). In addition to filtering, it can be useful to sort data in order to introduce more structure. Not everything is sorted alphabetically (months, weekdays, …). We take a look at how you can create your own lists to use for sorting.

This is all demonstrated using plenty of clear examples from everyday experience.


Part 1: Filtering and sorting

  • Horizontal sorting
  • Sorting using a list
  • Adding filters to lists
  • Types of existing filters (text, numeric, chronological)
  • Basic filters and advanced filters (colour, comparison)
  • Basic filters and advanced filters (colour, comparison)
  • Dangers with using filters

Part 2: Text filters

  • Filtering by expression
  • Operators and conditions

Part 3: Numerical filters

  • Operators and conditions
  • Filtering versus average
  • Top 10 filters

Part 4: Chronological filters

  • Filtering based on current date
  • Filtering based on a specific date
  • Tips & tricks for chronological filters
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