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Remote training Excel: Functions

Version: Microsoft 365
Duration: Half a day (09:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00)
Price incompany training: € 525 VAT excl.  / Terms for incompany training.


Everyone knows the most popular Excel functions, SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT. But if it’s all you know, you’ll never get where you need to go. Because as your worksheets expand and become more complex, you’ll have to use other functions and formulas. After completing the remote training Excel Functions, you’ll master the most popular functions. And the formulas that are relatively unknown and unloved.


How do you get to master Excel functions?

Training in the functions that you find yourself desperately trying to understand!

After our training you will:

  • Be able to work smoothly with Excel’s basic functions
  • Be familiar with a great number of date and search functions, logical and information functions, text functions, …
  • Know how to functions integrate in each other (nested function)
  • Know how to break down and understand a nested function

Target Group

Everyone who wants to use Excel functions to work with Excel.


Good basic Excel knowledge is required.


Part 1 Formulas

  • Type with the offered help
  • Use the Function Wizard
  • Use the Help function

Part 2 Basic functions

  • SumIf(s) – AverageIf(s) – CountIf(s) – Roundup – …

Part 3 Date and Time Functions

  • Today – Now – Month – Year – Day – Weekday

Part 4 Logical Functions

  • If – And – Or – Iferror

Part 5 Search Functions

  • Vlookup – Match – Index

Part 6 Text Functions (optional)

  • Left – Right – Mid – Upper – Lower – Search – Len – Concatenate (&) – Value – Trim – …

Part 7 Information Functions (optional)

  • IsBlank – IsNumber – …

Part 8 Office 365 Functions (optional)

  • Xlookup – Filter – Unique – Sort – …

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