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Save time and work more efficiently with Outlook thanks to a fresh series of tips by our Learning Consultants. Discover three powerful tips in this blog post:

1: No more endlessly typing the same bits of text. Use ‘Quick Parts’

Do you often use the same bits of text in your messages to communicate information to other people? If so, use the Quick Parts function to save time by inserting bits of saved text!

To create a Quick Part, select a text then Insert/Quick Parts and Save selection to Quick Part Gallery.

In your next e-mail, all you have to do is select the section that appears when you click on Quick Parts.

2: Count on ‘Templates’ for messages with a specific layout

Do you send a message every week with a very specific layout and almost identical content? If so, create a message template!

You write your standard message, then save it via File/Save as and then select Outlook template in Save as type.

To use a template: Home/New/New Items/More Items/Choose Form… Look in: Templates in File System.

3: Keep your Contacts up-to-date with ‘Autofill’

You have to send a message to Joe Bloggs, but in the semi-automatic address list, you still have his old address, and that is causing errors. So, you’ll have to delete it.

Start by typing the name – semi-automatic address list will appear. Place the cursor on the address to be deleted, then click on the X on the right.


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