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Would you like to improve your Skype for Business skills? Look no further – I’ve listed five useful Skype for Business tips for you. In this post, you’ll find my second tip. This time, I’ll talk about about meeting requests. You can find the other four tips here: You can find the other four tips here:

As you already know, Skype for Business is a Microsoft tool, which means that it works seamlessly with the other tools in Microsoft’s portfolio. But did you also know that you can use Skype to send meeting requests? Because this handy feature isn’t as well-known as it should be, I’m dedicating my second Skype for Business post to it.

Many companies have made it a habit to include Skype meeting information when sending meeting requests through Outlook. Even if everyone is required to physically attend the meeting, it can’t hurt to include the Skype information in the request.

How to send a meeting request

Open Outlook, go to your Calendar and click ‘New Skype Meeting’.

The usual meeting request will pop up, but the system now adds the following information to it:

Please note: The appearance and information can be different from what this screenshot shows because your IT manager is responsible for setting this up.

Still, the following required information will appear:

  • Join Skype Meeting: The link to the virtual meeting room. This gives you access to the meeting.
  • Phone numbers: In case you want to call into the meeting via phone.
  • Conference ID: You’ll need this to make sure you join the right meeting when calling in via phone.

Tip: Clearly state in your meeting request whether physical attendance is required and always include your Skype information in your request. If one of the expected meeting participants happens to be stuck in traffic, they can still call in to join the meeting remotely.


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