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SharePoint Online lets you create two kinds of sites: team sites and communication sites. In this blog post, we’ll focus on how to create a communication site.

With SharePoint communication sites, you can create beautifully-designed pages for internal communication in which you can display several resources or compile information yourself. The communication site builder is designed to quickly and easily create pages that contain useful information.

You can structure the content of your pages by adding page sections.

How do you create a communication site?

Step 1: Open SharePoint (click the SharePoint tile in Office 365).

Step 2: Click ‘+ Create Site’ at the top of the window.

You’ll see two options: Team site or Communication site. Choose ‘Communication site’. Step 3: Choose a name and layout/design/format for your communication site. You can choose one of the following formats:

  • Topic: Share information such as news, events and other content
  • Showcase: Show a product, team or event with photos or images
  • Blank: Create your own design

Don’t worry: whichever format you pick, you can always add, remove or rearrange web parts the way you want.

Step 4: Customise your page layout.

Do you want to edit the page layout? No problem! Just click the Edit button to the top right, then click the plus icon (+) to edit your section layout.

After you’ve picked your section layout, you can add content to the column(s).

Step 5: Save and publish your communication site.

Once you’ve finished adding and editing content , click SAVE AS DRAFT. You can also use this button to save your progress while you’re working on the site.

When your site is ready to be published, click the REPUBLISH button.

To summarise:

Communication sites are an ideal tool to publish information.


  • Easy to create and share
  • Can be viewed on different device types
  • Attractive visualisation of information


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