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Communicating regularly and clearly is essential if you want your colleagues to stay up to date. One way to do this is by publishing news posts, which you can enhance with images, photos and an attractive layout.

Where are news posts displayed?

News posts appear on the SharePoint homepage and in the mobile app. You can also display them on team sites, communication sites and hub sites.

How do you add a news post to the SharePoint homepage?

Click ‘Create News post’ at the top of your homepage. Choose the site you want to link to your post. You’ll see an empty news page on the site you’ve selected. This is where you write your news message.

How do you add a news post to a team site or communication site?

By default, there’s a news section at the top of your team site and just below the hero (link) on your communication site.

Click ‘+ Add’ in this section to create a news post.

You can also create a news post by clicking ‘+ New’ and then ‘News post’. After you’ve selected a page template, you can write the content of your post.

How do you add a news post with a link?

In SharePoint Online, you can add a news link that leads to the content of your site or another website. The linked content/the link itself is then displayed as a news post. Here’s how you create a news link:

  1. Go to the site where you want to publish the news link. Click ‘+ New’ on the homepage, then click ‘News Link’.

If there’s no News Link option in the menu, add a News web part to the page first, then click ‘+ Add’ under News.

  1. Paste the URL of the existing news item in the Link field.

  1. Enter the title of your news item in the Title field. This is a required field.

  1. Click ‘Add thumbnail’ or Edit if you want to add or change a thumbnail image.
  2. Add or edit the description in the Description field. This is optional.

  1. Click ‘Post’ to add the link to your news item.

Please note: Usually, SharePoint automatically generates a preview of the linked page. In some cases, the thumbnail, title and description that would make up the preview can’t be displayed automatically. If this happens, you can add a thumbnail, title and description yourself – just follow the steps above.


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