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An unfailing approach from three perspectives

Xylos uses three perspectives in its approach to guiding users through the five phases, right up to the stage where they not only fully understand, but both can and want to embrace the change: Communication, Learning and Sponsorship.

  • Setting up a line of communication to make users aware of the changes, and to provide them with information that encourages the will to change.
  • Providing learning initiatives to ensure end-users can successfully implement the new applications, and which aim also to continuously improve their skills (see our digital coach trajectory).
  • Developing a supportive environment that strengthens the will to change and continues to support and encourage that change into the future.

These three perspectives to our approach, each of which focuses specifically on a number of phases within the ADKAR model, combine to form our solid change and adoption approach to guiding employees through change. Our approach aims to ensure that your employees not only experience the change, but give it their support and want to make it their own.

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