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Change management

Implementing your ICT solutions is one thing. But what could be even more important? Making sure that your employees and clients actually use the technology available, and acquire, process and retain the necessary expertise. This is why we always recommend starting software implementations with a Change trajectory.

Our Change Consultants use the ADKAR model as a guide to our approach.

Is your organisation on the brink of a change? This video will demonstrate what our Change Consultants can do for you.

Book an Office 365 inspiration session

Guiding end users in the adoption of new tools such as Office 365 is in the DNA of Xylos Learning. If you still have a lot of questions about how to approach your migration, get inspired by our experts during an Office 365 inspiration session!

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The ADKAR model is based on five phases which staff must complete to effectively incorporate a change into their daily routine.

The three perspectives

Xylos uses three perspectives in its approach to guiding users through the five phases right up to the stage where they not only fully understand, but both can and want to embrace the change.

Digital Coach

Ideally, a Change project is followed up with Digital Coach support. The Change project provides our Digital Coaches with all the information they need to offer your teams a seamless follow-up training.

Save time with a Digital Coach

There are daily novelties in the applications you work with. Our Digital Coaches help you discover the new opportunities and use them efficiently.

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