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Do you often perform the same series of actions on one e-mail, such as flagging it, marking it as unread, dragging it to a folder or assigning (or removing) a category to it? Do you often send the same e-mail to the same people?

With Quick Steps, you can do this a lot quicker. A Quick Step in Outlook is an easy-to-use shortcut that lets you perform several actions with just one click.

For example, you can flag an e-mail (and mark it as a task) or use ‘Add Action’ to automatically put e-mails in a certain folder and/or assign a category (and a colour).

At Xylos, we’re big fans of Quick Steps in Outlook. As a Digital Coach, my colleagues and I answer all Office-related questions our customers send us. But because we all share one mailbox, I’ve created a Quick Step with which I assign my category/colour to an e-mail with just one click. The Quick Step also moves the e-mail to the right folder and opens a window in which I can type the answer (Reply All).

This makes it much easier to manage e-mails efficiently.

Do you want more tips on how to save time in Outlook? Have a look at our Outlook training offer.


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