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Security Camp

Get everyone in your organization to carry out security

Cybersecurity and the potential disasters that come along with it are scary. Technology and IT staff are two links in the security chain that avert risks of business interruption, data breaches and corporate image damage. Up to 80% of the cybersecurity failures that make the news are due to another link in the chain: end user behavior. Do not oversee this crucial human aspect.

A program to evolve from cyber awareness to cybersecure behavior

The Security Camp starts with a take-in of your current end user security behavior. Mainly through a ‘secret’ baseline test in the form of simulated phishing, we measure how cyber aware your people are.

This one-year campaign camp is built around our InviQta-security learning platform.

That implicates the three key phases (3 x 4 months) of the InviQta solution:

  • Awareness level
  • Competence level
  • Master level

On top of that:

To tie the Security Camp together, a digital coach anchors the cyber secure behavior needed in employee specific situations.

How? With inspiring one-to-one and/or one-to-team coaching sessions once per month.

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