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Productivity Camp

Make your investments in digital tools pay off

Digital tools, hard- and software, have the potential to boost your business, exponentially. Of course, it all depends on your people. Do they use the tools? Correctly? Do they use the tools that best fit their daily goals? Possibilities of Microsoft 365 and other applications continue to become more and more unbounded. We make sure your modern workplace is truly a productive workplace.

A comprehensive digital upskilling program for your people

The Productivity Camp takes place in the flow of work, for 30 days during three months. We start by identifying the skill gaps your teams are suffering from and tailoring a digital upskilling program:

  • 2x / week a digital coach will follow up on your people and train them to use the right applications, the right way, for the right purpose.
  • Through our online digital adoption platform that features +2000 how-to-videos, OASE, your people get to refresh and embed new digital skills.

Set up camp now

Our Prosci certified Change Managers are more than excited to guide you through a journey. Get in touch now.