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OASE: Digital knowledge platform

Office 365 migration on the horizon?

Get support with OASE, an online video platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any type of device. You’ll have quick access to more than 2,000 animations about the programs Office & Office 365 have to offer.

Learn to use specific features with short ‘how to’ videos or delve deeper into a well-defined topic with a learning track. And this in a safe environment thanks to short but powerful -and not unimportant- validated content, created by experts. No more searching endlessly through endless clips or manuals to find that little bit of information you need.

With OASE, you choose to learn on the job and when the need arises

OASE responds to ‘instant’ training needs of employees thanks to 24/7 access to the web platform. With OASE, your company also gains insight into employee adoption of Office 365. What topics are popular, what are your employees looking for in OASE? Information that is very useful for identifying knowledge gaps and putting additional effort into this.

Get to know OASE:

With our online video platform OASE, you’ll always be up to speed with changes in Office & Office 365 and master them in no time.

Nhu Truong

Business Unit Manager Learning
+32 (0)2 264 13 09