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Meeting Camp

Make meeting worthwhile again.

If you got a penny, every time you thought a meeting wasn’t as effective as it could be… Or for every time you heard someone express frustration along those lines… Would you invest the money back into (more) modern meeting technology? We truly do believe that the right technology, set up and used the right way, makes meeting way more effective. That’s why we offer you to come along on Meeting Camp.

A thorough analysis, translated into action

What makes the meetings your people are in ineffective, is an unlucky lack of tech- and soft skills. Soft- and hardware issues that cause delays and confusion during meetings, a lack of clarity about objectives and roles in the meetings… These are just a few of the malefactors. Our IT and IT adoption experts analyze your situation and present you with quick wins and next steps. Through training sessions and/or webinars, we boost the meeting savviness of your people.

Want to take it one step further? Use our VR solution.

Thanks to the power of VR technology, your Meeting Camp will allow you to bridge your gap with one swift jump.
Based on our analysis, we will design your optimized meeting room. Through VR Your engineers will have access to concrete on-the-spot instructions to set up and optimize your meeting room(s). Your employees will undergo the immersive experience of VR training sessions, on how to meet better. And yes, that means in your virtualized meeting room(s).

Set up camp now

Our Prosci certified Change Managers and IT communication experts are ready to meet you . Get in touch now.