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InviQta: a versatile digital security platform

Strengthen the weakest link that cyber criminals seek out 24/7

When an organization’s credibility gets damaged in the news, after a data breach or any other serious cyber security issue, public opinion tends to blame technology and therefore IT. But 80% of attacks that succeed, do so by betting on human negligence. Your people are part of your security. Keep them sharp at every moment, without interrupting their workflow. How?
With InviQta: a cyber security solution that consists of a phishing simulation engine, an e-learning platform and communication tools.

A step-by-step campaign to cyber secure behavior.

InviQta is a digital learning solution that operates in the flow of work. For your people, that means: uninterrupted productivity and true adoption of skills in “safe-but-real” situations. The program starts with a baseline test. Your people are targeted with simulated phishing. That will allow us to measure security awareness and follow up effectively in three phrases.

  • Awareness level (4 months): We launch a communication campaign and somewhat perceptible phishing simulations. In this phase, we lift up the baseline of overall cyber security awareness.
  • Competence level (4 months): We raise the difficulty to recognize the phishing simulations. The simulated phishing is followed by triggers to follow micro-e-learnings (of 5 min max). that way, your people absorb knowledge about crucial cyber security risks.
  • Master level (4 months): We raise the difficulty of phishing simulations. By this time, your people start adopting cyber secure reflexes.

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