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Did you know? Sheet Views have been around for a while in the online version of Excel, but now they are also being added to the Excel desktop app.

We are increasingly working together on documents. This means that we more frequently open and edit documents at the same time. Sheet Views allow different users to use their personal filtering and sorting simultaneously. And yes, without affecting your colleagues.

In fact, we’re talking about specific ‘views’ here. In order to use them, the file in question must be stored on OneDrive or SharePoint.

Sort and filter to your heart’s content

Suppose you and a colleague have opened an Excel file containing a table. In this case, you will always be able to see the cell your colleague is working on. In the example below, you see that user BC is viewing/editing cell B98.

But perhaps you want to sort or filter this table? Without disrupting your colleague, naturally. That’s possible. Your filtering need not be visible to him or her.

When you use the filter or sort function, the following dialog is automatically displayed. Currently, this only applies to the online version of Excel, but will soon be available in the desktop app.

The focus on yours

You are asked to work independently for a while. If you choose ‘See just mine’, you create a temporary view in which you are the only one working on it. You can see this clearly in the column letters and the row numbers. They are now in black. Excel creates a temporary sheet view. You can also find this in the ribbon, under ‘View’.

The sort and filter changes are not visible to your colleague. Other changes are visible. Will you be using this temporary view at a later time? Then use the ‘Keep’ button.

Share your own ‘view’ with your colleagues

Does your sorting provide an important insight into the data? Is it worth sharing with your colleagues? Name the view so that other employees can easily switch to this view which contains your sorting method.

Don’t need the view for a while? Then use the ‘Exit’ function. And you can go to ‘Options’ to rename or permanently delete your view.

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