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Fact 1: Live meetings vs. Live Events

Did you know that there are two ways to conduct live meetings in Teams? There’s a difference between ‘Live Meetings’ and ‘Live Events’. Is a discussion heating up in Teams? Does one of your channels suddenly get flooded with interaction? Then perhaps it would be better to discuss the topic further orally. It’s best to discuss the topic in a quick Live Meeting.

Do you need to conduct a webinar? You better opt for a live event. With a Live Event, you can put images in a queue. This helps you check whether the images show properly and test live images before you really go live.

Fact 2: Underlying SharePoint page

Did you know that Teams automatically creates a SharePoint page for your Team? This means that all data are recorded automatically, so you no longer have to fear that certain files might disappear or get lost. From files to conversations – everything is stored. Here’s a useful tip: sync with this SharePoint page to always have the latest files on your PC! You’ll no longer have to search for them – they’ll be available immediately.

Fact 3: Private Channels

Did you know that you can set up private channels in Teams? Why would you use private channels?

Because only people who have been granted access can enter a private channel. You can adjust this at any moment by disabling access for certain users or giving new users access to the private channel, so you don’t need to create a new Team for every project within a team. I recommend creating a new channel for every project in a Team. Has the project been concluded? Does no one need the project anymore? Then you can just close and remove the channel.

Fact 4: OASE: online knowledge platform

id you know that Xyloshas its own tutorial platform? OASE is the ultimate resource if you want to learn something new or need to know how to do specific tasks in a certain tool. OASE is full of complete Microsoft 365 how-to videos; in just an hour’s time, you could be completely up to date with a programme. Are you looking for specific information? Not a problem: OASE caters to this as well with a collection of short, targeted 30-second videos. They can help you find out how to do something in the blink of an eye. I use OASE all the time and I think it offers a great way to learn.

Microsoft: nice to know

Did you know that microsoft has a handy function for taking screenshots? Instead of PRTSC and paste it into paint, you can also use “shift+windows+s”. this wil let you take a screenshot and allows you to crop immediately You can crop into squares or a free shape. Quick and Easy dus!

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