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we’ve watched Teams grow into a central knowledge and communication hub in most organisations.

One of the perks of this software is the fact that you can share and use your reports and analyses in it. In this post, we’ll explain how you can embed your Power BI reports in Teams.

Use Power BI in Teams

The first option is to use the full Power BI Service platform directly in Teams instead of your browser. To do this, you’ll need to add the Power BI App to your Teams navigation pane. This gives you the possibility to generate reports and dashboards, as well as to organise and configure workspaces.

Discuss a Power BI report in a channel, group chat or private chat

You can also discuss the results derived from your report in a Teams channel and add a link to the report itself.

Use your Power BI report in a channel

Lastly, you can embed a Power BI report in a channel by adding a Power BI tab to it. Once the tab is in place, you can select reports from a Workspace or an App. The useful thing about this option is that you can process results from reports through other tabs, such as Notebook or Planner, and that you can use Teams’ chat functionality.

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