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Ready to move away from the traditional way of holding meetings? Skype meetings have many advantages! Just think of the time saved or the traffic jam you potentially avoided trying to get all parties at the same location at the same time. And, who says that Skype meetings can’t be equally interactive? They can – by using the poll functionality. This will give you instant feedback from your participants!


  • Important to know: You can formulate a question with a maximum of 7 different answers.
  • In the meeting window, click the ‘Present Content’ button, then click ‘More’, and then ‘Poll’.
  • In the ‘Create Poll’ window, enter a name for your poll, as well as a question and the different answers. Next, click the ‘Create’ button. Next, click the ‘Create’ button.
  • The Poll page is opened during the meeting and the results are shown to everyone as soon as the participants of the meeting make a choice.
  • Poll Actions allows you to manage your poll, such as opening, closing, changing, showing or hiding the results.

Did it work? Or has something gone wrong? Please let us know using the comments below!


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