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‘Vrienden der Blinden’ (Friends of the Blind) is an organisation that aims to improve the well-being of visually impaired people in the broadest and most diverse ways.

The organisation already uses Office 365, but they wanted to learn more about how Teams could improve the execution of their daily administrative tasks Until now, they had been using Teams mainly for chats and online meetings.

One of our Xylos Teams experts, Nathan, was the perfect person to guide them through the many collaboration options Teams has to offer

The employees of ‘Vrienden der Blinden’ immediately understood that Teams would allow them to manage their information centrally, whereas previously they often had information fragmented across several locations.

Other elements that also offered immediate advantages were ‘Forms’ for carrying out short questionnaires and instantaneously viewing the results ‘live’: Then there’s the ‘whiteboard’ for organising brainstorming sessions, and ‘OneNote’ for managing all notes.

Finally, Nathan gave plenty of tips on working efficiently in Teams. Among other things, he emphasised the importance of notifications to avoid employees feeling overwhelmed by Teams, and to demonstrate that they were perfectly capable of managing it themselves.

Fabienne Maquestiaux, HR Manager at ‘Vrienden der Blinden’ summarised her experience with Xylos as follows: we are extremely happy with the support we received from Xylos, both in terms of content and the trainer, it’s worth a huge 10/10!

In recognition of the amazing charity work achieved by ‘Friends of the Blind’, Xylos decided to provide them with coaching free of charge. We hope we have been able to contribute somewhat to their daily work!

Also interested in our Teams coaching? contact us for a no-obligation quote!

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