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While attending a presentation or meeting, it can be a good idea to take notes. If you have the PowerPoint file, you can just type your notes in the slides or in the text pane below – but this method leaves you with notes scattered across the PowerPoint file, which can be inconvenient and chaotic. Fortunately, OneNote offers a solution for this: the tool lets you take linked notes with PowerPoint slides effortlessly. Here’s how:

  • Open OneNote and click the ‘Dock to Desktop’ button in the View tab.
  • Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Select the PowerPoint slide you want to add notes to and start writing in OneNote.
  • OneNote knows when you go to another slide and keeps track of which notes belong to which slides.

This is called ‘linked notes’ A PowerPoint icon will appear next to your notes; when you click it, you see the relevant slide. This way of taking notes is useful if you’d like to ask questions after a meeting, presentation or training, because it gives you a clear overview of your questions and the relevant topics.

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