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Productivity in 2022 means 50% adaptability, 50% expertise and 100% software-skills. Doesn’t seem to add up? It does if you’re aiming for 200% effectiveness. As a manager, you will have already assured the attitude and expertise of your salespeople and customer service staff.

But how capable are your employees when it comes to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?
Do you provide enough support in order to maximise sales figures and customer satisfaction?

Is standard support enough?

Salesforce offers an outstanding learning platform with Trailhead. The e-learning that is provided forms an excellent basis to get to grips with the standard configuration of Salesforce.

But does your organisation work well with this configuration? The power of Salesforce is that the platform offers a tailor-made solution for different organisations. The starting point in this is not the software but the tasks and responsibilities of each user. And you must not lose sight of this when you are training and supporting people. If you do, your investments may turn out to have been in vain.

In order to ensure your employees get the best from Salesforce, at Xylos we use a 3-step approach:

Step 1: A tailor-made learning/adoption strategy

At Xylos, we target learning strategies according to a goal: users taking on/adopting a specific behaviour. We refer to this as an ‘adoption strategy’.

This begins with the identification and analysis of the various target groups in your organisation. It also means: knowing which applications they use on the Salesforce platform and what management expects of these people.

Not forgetting: measuring is knowing. By clearly defining how we highlight progression (or a lack thereof), it is possible to adjust support during the learning pathway.

Step 2: Tailor-made support

What does this type of learning pathway involve?

Every (sustainable) behaviour begins with motivation.

We therefore start by encouraging your employees. We connect with what theywant from Salesforce and show them precisely how the platform could simplify their day to day tasks. They can then see that the glass is half full, not half empty.

Time to pass on expertise

We target the methodology, level of difficulty, duration and type of training according to each target group (including managers): from classroom training to webinars and e-learning.

Accumulating knowledge is one thing. But applying this knowledge in reality…

…that’s something else entirely. That is why Xylos is an expert in digital coaching. This takes place in groups and as individuals, in the physical and digital workplace. The coach monitors the organisation and reports to the Salesforce project team about vital needs.

The important role of leaders:

The name says it all. They are leaders and, by definition, the catalysts behind behaviour in your organisation, even when using tools. We offer them support, in the form of:

  • inspiration about holding important meetings on using the tool;
  • expansion of reporting which fulfils relevant needs;
  • support when responding to potential resistance to the tool.

Step 3: Embedding behaviours

The learning pathway is done. Ready to reap the rewards of your Salesforce investments? Yes! But don’t neglect the ongoing development of your organisation. Don’t lose sight of employees who, in this phase, are getting the best from the platform.

Make Salesforce part of the culture. At Xylos, we follow-up customers with coaching and tailor-made, digital learning solutions. You should also consider how you will incorporate the desired use of Salesforce in the on-boarding process for new recruits.

Full speed ahead with Salesforce and Xylos

Not yet certain how you can roll out a successful Salesforce learning pathway? Or have your teams been using the platform for a while and you’re not sure how to adjust behaviours?

We know what to do at Xylos. That means: tailor-made and with clear and measurable successes.

Want to know more about the Xylos user adoption approach with regard to Salesforce? Call us on 02 264 13 20 or leave your details here.