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You visited a website ages ago, made an account and saved your password Every time you visit this website, you get logged in automatically. That’s great, but if you need to sign in on another computer, cleared your browser’s settings or accidentally logged out, you’re left scratching your head: what’s your password again? Sure, you could request a new password or sift through your mailbox (or even worse – your post-it notes), but there’s a trick that makes all of this unnecessary.

So, how do you recover your password? It’s simple: with Windows’s Credential Manager. You can find it in the Control Panel or by typing Credential after clicking Start (the Windows icon) in Windows 10. Under Web Credentials, you’ll see all websites where you’ve got an account and their respective passwords:

Click the arrow next to the website you can’t remember your password for. You’ll see the following screen:

The password is hidden. Click Show and enter your Windows password to see the password you’re looking for. Easy, isn’t it?

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