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a cell in excel exists of an adres: a letter and a column that indicats the number of the row. That adres, for example C3, forms the name of the cell that has the multiplicating factor 1,1.

In this case, we’re naming the cell ‘Factor’.

To do this, select the cell C3, click the name box in the upper left corner and enter a name

You can also name a cell range. In this example, we’ll name B7:B10 ‘Values’.

You can use these names to create formulas, such as ‘Factor*Values’. They can also replace the $ sign to block the address of a row and/or column in a formula with absolute addresses.

You can also use this trick to look up a cell name (or range) in your Excel folder by clicking the name in the name box.

If you want to correct or remove a name, go to Formulas in the ribbon and click the button ‘Name Manager’.

Do you want to know more about using cell names in Excel formulas? Read this blogpost or registerfor one of our Excel trainings.


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