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You’ve got a busy day ahead and you really can’t afford to be interrupted all the time. But still, people keep bombarding you with chat messages and calls and you just can’t concentrate. Sounds familiar? Did you know that your Skype status could help you solve this problem?

Skype for Business automatically selects your presence status. If you don’t adjust it, you’ll always show up as ‘online’. Everyone thinks that you can be reached. Fortunately, you can always edit your status. If you don’t want to be distracted, just set it to ‘Do Not Disturb’ by clicking the arrow next to ‘Available’ and selecting the applicable status. This way, your contacts will see that you’re online and be able to contact you, but you won’t hear a notification whenever a message comes in and you can reply whenever you’ve got time.

In short: it’s important to let your contacts know whether you’ve got time for a conversation or not. It only takes two clicks and your to-do list for today will be done in no time!

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