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In recent years, I planned a digital detox for myself during our annual holiday escape. Once a year, far away from home and from all the stress, would be an excellent opportunity to fully recharge my batteries.

However, whereas up until last year I simply did not take my smartphone or tablet with me (which is the best way to enjoy a digital detox), I now fail to keep this up. After all, it’s useful to keep my airline tickets to hand by using the QR code app or barcode on my smartphone. Dus gaat de smartphone nu mee, maar probeer ik toch alle signalen te vermijden die me aan het werk doen denken. So now I travel with my smartphone, but I try to avoid any signal that reminds me of work. It is, after all, a business phone, so in fact I’m carrying my mailbox, calendar and work phone.

How to get started?

Naturally, you could simply buy a private mobile phone, but if you don’t want to pay for one, these personally tested tips might come in useful:

  1. Change your voicemail : record a message stating for how long you will be on holiday and who can be contacted at the office during your absence
  2. Disable your email and calendar synchronisation
  3. Leave your mobile switched off as much as possible. only switched my mobile on in the evenings to communicate with my family on whatsapp, and then it was immediately switched off again

I don’t consider it a luxury to immerse myself in a digital detox once a year. We don’t realise quite how important it is to give our head some ‘rest’, and the negative impact our digital friends have on our well-being.

Burn-out prevention in the workplace

From a business point of view, it would be smart to teach employees how to better use digital tools throughout the year. To achieve this, Xylos has added the ‘six steps towards digital well-being’ workshop to their programme. If you would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!

You can always ask us about any other courses to boost both your and your employees’ efficiency and productivity.



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